To the partner with OEP you have tools to develop, manage, deliver & grow

Develop your exam

Whether your exam measures professional competence, IT proficiency or driving skills, we can help you achieve your goal of a fair, valid, reliable and legally defensible exam.

Your exam program is unique. At OEP, we work with you to craft a solution to meet your needs and you choose how you wish to engage our services. An initial program evaluation helps provide the best recommendations for your testing program.

Fair, valid, reliable and defensible: It all starts with the design of your test. OEP can help you determine what should be tested and how to test it

Our unique test development system can be used by you or by OEP test development team on your behalf to help manage the item development lifecycle

OEP commitment to blending the latest in automated tools with industry-leading expertise enables us to efficiently construct and publish your exams while maintaining best practices

Once you’ve started to deliver your test, you will want to know how it performs. OEP’s dedicated psychometricians can provide standard-setting assistance and ongoing analysis so that your exam and items are achieving their optimal performance

Manage your testing program

We know that managing a computer-based testing program is complicated. So, we provide the technology, tools and expertise to help you effectively manage your program and provide the best testing experience for your candidates. It all starts with our Program Management team.

OEP’s program management professionals are the best in the business. As the face of OEP to clients, they become experts on your program – allowing you to take full advantage of our comprehensive products and services

the moment your candidate creates an account and schedules an exam to knowing their results in real-time, OEP reporting tools arm you with the data you need to make smart and timely management decisions

OEP test publishers have one objective — to deliver your test flawlessly. Our unprecedented reputation of superior customer satisfaction is the direct result of delivering outstanding customer service

Deliver your exam

Your organization depends on exam delivery that is secure, professional and convenient. Your candidates deserve a test taking environment that is quiet and distraction free. Based on your program’s coverage and security requirements, OEP will recommend the testing environments, technology and processes to administer your exam effectively and help your candidates perform their best.

Our Integrated Platform allows you to successfully deliver exams in our network of test centers that safeguards your exam while providing your candidates a professional testing experience.

Delivering your exam locally, yet on a worldwide scale, is what OEP does best. Our global footprint allows candidates the flexibility to take your exam at a place and time convenient to them their experience will be exceptional — just as you expect.

Grow your program

Whatever the stage of your testing program – recently launched, years of successful administration or developing a brand-new exam – if your objective is to grow your program, OEP is eager to help. From creating effective transition communications and marketing promotions, to expanding your global reach into new markets ... tell us your objectives and we’ll get to work.

From the moment you become a client, our marketing and communication experts work closely with you to establish a strong foundation transitioning your candidates to OEP, then build on that success to grow your program. Chances are, our OEP offering will mean that there are some aspects of your program that will change – for the better. We will help you communicate those changes so that your test takers are ready and perform their best on test day

Expanding your current program into new geographies can be pivotal in expanding your program. For exams that require electronic and human surveillance, choose one of the thousands of OEP test centers around the world

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