• Online Exam Provider (Online, Secure, Trasted)

  • Online Exam Provider (Online, Secure, Trasted)

  • Online Exam Provider (Online, Secure, Trasted)

Exam Development

We’re ready to help you develop a high quality Exam program today!
When you choose Online Exam Provider (OEP) to develop your Exam program, you can rest assured that your exams will be of the highest quality and will have a positive impact on your organization. Our state-of-the-art online tools and best practice methodologies allow us to lead the industry in terms of rapid and cost effective test development.

Exam Management

Building Exam forms and publishing exams in Online Exam Provider (OEP)™ is an easy and logical process. Simply gather the items from the item bank, set up the scoring parameters for the test then set up the business rules for the exam. We realize that no two testing programs are the same. With Online Exam Provider (OEP)™ you can customize the settings to meet your needs and ensure your program runs as smoothly as possible.

Exam Security

Online Exam Provider (OEP)™, provides an extremely secure testing environment. The system requires User IDs, passwords, which are linked together ensuring that no individual can access any part of the testing infrastructure without authorization. During the launch process, a secure connection is established between OEP servers and the PC at the testing center. The browser is locked down to prevent the Candidate from having access to other applications or browsers on the PC.


At OEP, we put customer service first. Just ask our clients! We don’t just promise that we have excellent customer service, we can prove it! OEP recently surveyed its existing clients and found that across the board, our customers rated our customer service as exceptional. Our clients appreciate our responsiveness, flexibility and truly collaborative approach. We realize that our success is dependent upon our clients’ success. It’s also the reason why a lot of our business has come from referrals from existing clients. When we say we value customer service, we mean it – just ask our clients!

Testing Center

With a worldwide network of testing centers, the Authorized Testing Center (ATC) strategically positions locations so Test Takers will have a minimal distance to travel. Each testing center conforms to strict standards to ensure that all Candidate have a consistent experience. When scheduling for an exam, Test Takers have access to a locator that enables them to find a center, test date and time that is convenient for them. Proctors are required to follow standard operating procedures and are certified to ensure the highest level of security and customer care.


Registration & Payment Options (We understand that every testing program is different. We reflect those differences in each client’s custom branded Web interface and custom account fields for Test Takers that can be used as prerequisites. Integration with other systems ensures efficient flow of data.)